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Track maintenance: ensure the safety of workers at trackside work sites using our wireless safety (SIL 4) warning systems.
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Train traffic, and the weight and frequency of trains, as well as weather conditions, wear out railways, making maintenance essential. With train traffic increasing, the managers of railway infrastructure must now contend with a twofold challenge when carrying out maintenance work:
  • minimising the impact of work on train traffic.
  • guaranteeing the safety of personnel.
Because the trains must continue to run, railway work must be carried out according to three key words:speed, efficiency and safety. With these goals in mind, ACTIA has developed robust, wireless, and ergonomic warning systems that meet SIL4 safety and compliant with SIL 4 safety requirements.
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for infrastructures.
Based on its radio expertise and its know-how in the development of safety systems, ACTIA took on the challenges of trackside safety with its SAFeasy200 system. Due to its strong radio signals, the system is able to cover work sites up to 1000 m long, with warning points located over 1500 m from the work zone.
ACTIA’s solutions are certified by SNCF for use on the French railway network.

ACTIA’s support team is able to advise you on the distances that can be covered depending on the topography of the work sites.
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Fully wireless and SIL 4-certified, the SAFeasy200 system works with up to 30 audible and visual warning devices (ASL) controlled by the central warning unit (CA), making it capable of covering work sites several hundred metres long.

Lightweight and portable, the SAFeasy200 was designed for rapid deployment in the field and to be very easy to use for railway personnel. Commissioning and configuration of the system is simplified thanks to its LCD touch screen and intuitive interface.

With powerful sound that can be set between 105 dBA and 126 dBA, the audible and visual warning devices also include a system that automatically adjusts the volume to the ambient noise, thus adapting automatically to even the noisiest work sites.

Detection can be carried out automatically by installing pedals on the track or in manual mode by an announcer. In this case, the equipment manages vigilance by means of an accelerometer and an integrated gyroscope.

With its unique and robust radio solution for long-distance connections between the warning unit and the central unit, the SAFeasy200 is the best solution in terms of technical capability and price for carrying out railway work in safety.

Thanks to controlled preventive maintenance and its high level of availability, the SAFeasy200 helps improve your efficiency, performance and safety.

Thus it meets the requirements of security, radio availability, ease of operation and speed of deployment required by the railway companies.

ACTIA has a roadmap for upgrades to its system to effectively meet the needs of work sites. To learn more, please contact us.
For more information, our team is at your service and will answer you as quickly as possible.
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